P&G Siam International Company Limited

P and G Siam International Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in producing corrugated paper and paper packaging business. We provide a wide range of high-quality products from corrugated papers such as RSC, OSC, die-cut carton, telescopic containers with made-to-order elaborate printing, HSC, partitions, pads and tray.

Our company

We are well equipped with updated packaging technology and equipment. Our qualified and very experienced customer-oriented marketing and technical officers is always on hand to provide creative counsel as well as technical solutions in line to the special needs of the clients.

We also proceed in producing any paper products appropriated to all kind of usages. Besides producing corrugated paper sheet board, we also specialize in producing single face, single wall (3 ply), double wall (5 ply) as well as E flute type.

We also offer Corrugated Rolls that are used in packing goods, wrap products for transporting goods safely. Therefore, our company can efficiently answer to customer’s needs in any manner requests.

P and G Lovebox

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

The Regular Slotted Container (RSC) is the most common box style used for shipping and storage. The two outer flaps of an RSC box meet at the center of the box when folded and are usually closed using tape, or staples. Where the product requires additional protection over the top or bottom, corrugated pads can be placed between the inside flaps.


Die Cut

Die cut boxes are highly customizable corrugated cardboard boxes designed to fit any shape, size, or need. They are known as die cut boxes because they are cut from plain sheets of corrugated material on a machine known as a die press (or die cutter).



Corrugated has better stacking strength often required for certain applications, especially taller heights. Corrugated manufacturing process does not require costly cutting dies. This allows for greater flexibility while providing high quality conventional partitions at competitive prices.



Corrugated containers are small rectangular boxes. There are no flaps on this type of box. Instead, you can simply place the top over the bottom, as the sides will fit around each other. You have most likely seen this type of box when opening packages of paper, important documents, and even some food items.


Telescopic Box

Telescope boxes usually consist of a separate top, or top and bottom, that fit over each other or a separate body. The International Fiberboard Case Code calls these boxes Telescope-Style. The truck and rail classification call them Telescope Boxes if the cover extends over at least two-thirds of the depth, and Boxes with Covers if the cover extends over less than two-thirds of the depth.


Corrugated Sheet Roll

provide a thin, yet durable, pad of protection between layers of your products, andcorrugated rolls allow you to surround your items to help cushion the impacts often associated with mailing and shipping.