What type of products and corrugated boxes do you produce?

We can produce all types of corrugated boxes made of 3-ply & 5-ply such as RSC (Regular Slotted Containers), OSC (Overlap Slotted Container), Die-Cut, Telescopic Containers as well as Trays, Partitions and Pads.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The minimum order quantity will vary depending on the sizes, type and design of the box.

In order to advise the MOQ, details of the box (sizes, type & design) should be provided to us so that we could work out the best optimum MOQ and price for you.

Otherwise, kindly provide us the product description and details to us in order that we can work this out.

Would like to request for quotation? What information is required?

Customers that know their box details should provide the following:

  • Box size (Width x Length x Height in cm).
  • Quantity
  • Box type (RSC, OSC, Die-Cut, etc…)
  • Paper grade

Customers that do not know their box details should provide the following:

  • Description and details of the product
  • Size/measurement of the product
  • Weight of the product
  • Required packing quantity per box

What is the production lead time?

First order will take around 7-10 days after receiving customers Purchase Order (PO) and deposit. Second and third orders onward will take less time from around 3 days to within a week after receiving customers PO and deposit.

What paper grades do we use and the types of flute?

Our paper grades are KS, KA, KI, KT and KL.

Types of flute are B, C, BC and E.

How to measure the box size?

  • Width x Length x Height in cm.
  • Indicate whether measured from outside the box or inside the box.
  • What kind of box (RSC, OSC, Die-Cut, etc…).

Do we have boxes in stock for sale?

We do have boxes in stock for sale. To know what type of boxes are in stock please visit our website www.pgsiaminterco.com, contact us by phone 02-961 7780-2 or by LINE app “@pgsiaminter” to ask our customer service.

Can we produce a box that is able to hold 20kgs weight?

Absolutely! We are able to produce a box that will hold 20kgs product weight.

Do we help with the design of the box?

Definitely. It is our pleasure to assist with our utmost customer service & provide creative visual designs as well as technical consultaion for the box or package physical graphics in order to give you a suitably “customized” box type for your requirements as well as to “project” your company & product image.

How much does the printing plate block cost?

In order to advise the printing plate block customer need to send us the design so that we can calculate the cost of the block.

The printing plate block prices can vary from a few hundred to ten thousand baht.